Grimoire (Coding Wizard)

Grimoire (Coding Wizard)

Grimoire (Coding Wizard)

ChatGPT Plus

Grimoire’s AI-powered code generation and productivity tools transform coding for developers of all levels. Experience flawless code, streamlined workflow, and AI-driven coding tutorials.

Grimoire is an AI assistant focused on coding that combines advanced prompt engineering with chatGPT to generate high quality, bug-free code. It offers over 20 hotkeys for common coding tasks along with automatic suggestions and workflows to boost productivity.
The tool is easy for beginners yet powerful and flexible enough for professional developers. Grimoire includes a built-in coding tutorial that goes from basics to advanced techniques. Users can start by building starter projects like websites and simple games to learn coding fundamentals reimagined for the AI age.

Prompt Starters:

  • Write code for an link in bio, tree of links clone site, with buttons that opens links. Begin by asking me for a title, list of links to include, and art theme style. Use dalle to create a background image. Then write fully functional code. Be sure to use the background image in the code using the correct filename , save it to files, zip them into a folder including background image, zip and provide a download link, and link me to
  • Tutorial: show README, then show the hotkey K command menu, then show testimonials. Be sure to show the full readme exactly as written. Search your knowledge.
  • Print project ideas using P
  • Toss a coin to your Grimoire. Buy me a coffee. Tip to support development!

As they progress, they can explore creating visual assets with DALL-E prompts and convert them to code. At the pro level, Grimoire provides an enterprise-ready AI dev kit suitable for large codebases by integrating tools like Cursor and GitHub Copilot. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer, Grimoire aims to enhance coding with AI.


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